Rocd Rock Canyon - Keystone Thrust

Red Rock Canyon
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What We Offer at Red Rock Canyon Tours

Here at Red Rock Canyon Tours, we offer a breathtaking tour through the 13-mile scenic loop of Red Rock Canyon. We will also take you on designated trail walks to bring you up close and personal with Red Rock Canyon’s beauty including (but not limited to) seasonal waterfalls, wildlife, numerous types of plant life, as well as prehistoric Indian rock carvings and paintings. Our Red Rock Canyon Guided Tours use only the best vehicles - Mercedes Vans with air conditioning. We also serve complimentary bottled water to all out tour guests. Red Rock Canyon Tours provides pick-up and drop-off at the Paris Las Vegas Resort for your convenience. Don’t hesitate, call Red Rock Canyon Tours today and make your reservations while seats are available. At the unbeatable price of only $59.00 per person, this is a Las Vegas attraction you can't lose!

A Brief History of Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, and is one of Nevada’s most popular areas for great photographic and sightseeing experiences. Red Rock Canyon was once home to Native Americans beginning around 3500 B.C. On the Red Rock Canyon Tours you will be brought back in time and have the opportunity to see some petroglyphs and pictographs on the canyon walls. Red Rock Canyon is also part of the Keystone Fault. The colorful rock formations were formed over 65 MILLION years ago after the earth’s plates collided. Red Rock Canyon Tour Guides will go more in-depth with the history of the canyons. Inside Red Rock Canyon Tours you will explore the paths travelled by Native Americans, Spanish explorers, prospectors, and Mormon pioneers. Red Rock Canyon is also home to many trails including one between Dead Man Wash and Fossil Hill. Fossil Hill in Red Rock Canyon is home to fossils that are well over 200 Million Years OLD! Along the 13-mile scenic loop on the Red Rock Canyon tour you will find Wilson Cliffs. These cliffs are part of Keystone Thrust and are again, over 65 million years old. The adventure awaits you on the Red Rock Canyon Tours. Join us for a history lesson you won’t find in a textbook and escape the city lights of Las Vegas!

We Employ Highly Educated Red Rock Canyon Tour Guides

Red Rock Canyon Tours has only the most educated Red Rock Canyon Tour Guides. We strive to find our tour guides who are not only educated, but have a fantastic driving record and a personality to make your Red Rock Canyon Tour fun and enjoyable. Our Tour Guides are well versed in the terrain they are taking you on. They know the Red Rock Canyons like the back of their hands. If you have any questions on the Red Rock Canyon Tours, be sure to speak up. Our Red Rock Canyon Tour Guides will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you see something on your Red Rock Canyon Tour that you want to stop for a closer look, by all means let your guide know and we will accommodate you.

What You Will See on Red Rock Canyon Tours

Red Rock Canyon isn’t just about the spectacular rock formations, or the different colored rocks, or even all about the history of Red Rock Canyon. On our Red Rock Canyon Tours you will see things you never thought possible so close to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. The Red Rock Canyons have a variety of plant life. Red Rock Canyon is home to Joshua trees, cacti, yucca and a variety of beautiful desert wildflowers. There are also some things that might surprise you. Big horn sheep, wild mustang horses and burros can be seen from time to time in Red Rock Canyon, so keep your eyes peeled and your camera in hand. While on the walking trails of the Red Rock Canyon Tours there is a good chance of seeing some of those 200 million year old fossils, arrowheads and don’t forget to watch the rock walls for pictographs and petroglyphs. What we at Red Rock Canyon Tours can guarantee you will not see are frowning faces, dissatisfied guests, or Elvis.

Red Rock Canyon Tours Preparation

Since you will be out in the sometimes harsh desert climates, Red Rock Canyon Tours has some things you should know before taking on the adventure:

  • DO wear comfortable shoes - we suggest closed toe sneakers, hikers or boots.
  • DO NOT wear open toed shoes - rocky paths can damage your precious toes!
  • DO bring your kids - these tours are the perfect family activity in Las Vegas!
  • DO bring water - although we provide bottled water, it's a good idea to bring your own
  • DO NOT bring alcoholic beverages - alcohol is prohibited by law in the canyon
  • DO NOT bring food unless needed for health conditions, a small snack for a child is ok
  • DO Bring sunblock and/or a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • DO bring a Camera or Camcorder - you never know what you will see

If you are pregnant or have breathing issues or any severe health risks, we recommend you do not take the Red Rock Canyon Tour. As much as we would like everyone to come on the Red Rock Canyon Tours, we do not want to risk your health to do so.


We hope to see you on our next tour! Arrange your Red Rock Canyon Tour today!